Teknolync is a family for skilled IT candidates. We don’t recruit a candidate; we add them to our family. We help our candidates’ not just by finding a job also guiding them all through their career journey from graduation to retirement. Teknolync provides the following services: IT services, IT recruiting, IT Training and Business solution. We are IT professionals with over 100 years combined IT professional experience starting as IT interns and working our way up to CTO, CIO and Sr. Consultants. Woven from the combined talent of our experienced individuals, our services create a canvas of high quality capabilities aimed at innovatively helping our clients meet the evolving technology challenges. We have been integral with implementing and supporting various technologies through their lifecycle. We have developed the processes required to manage IT departments according to industry standards to help deliver value services to our customers. We have successfully built IT teams of major firms with key talent. Our candidates have consistently received praises from our customers for their skills and professionalism.Learn More


To supply best IT talent to all the organizations around the world utilizing our exceptional recruiting process.


To be the premier recruiter of best IT talent in the world.


To use our outstanding vetting process that identifies best IT talent that delivers consistent value to our customers



IT Recruiting

Teknolync’s IT recruiting service is different from other recruiting firms in that we serve candidates at each level of their career, in whatever capacity we can be most useful, whether as a trusted advisor about how to advance their career or as a hands-on coach for front line …

IT Training

Teknolync’s scenario based career development solution provides an active experience to Candidates that’s proven to be effective. With Scenario based career development the participant plays an active role in developing their own career plans with we at the helm to guide them.

What our member say

  • jasmin
    More than met expectation – mainly due to seminar leader, Dan Robertson, but also a great mix of research headlines and practical application in the workplace. Great mix of theory and practice. Dan Robertson very impressive facilitator.
    jasmin tech
  • davis back
    I just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of my team for your time, expertise and advice. We really appreciated your contribution and thought to the conversation and it has given us a great next step approach.
    davis back


We believe in excellence of service

Teknolync was founded by Elite IT professional with over 100 years combined experience. We are a family of IT Candidates and hiring managers. Catering to the demands of the industry from recruiting to training we have created a company that will help improve the quality of the candidate and add value to our customers. Learn More

Our work always comes first

Any candidate who joins Teknolync becomes a part of the Teknolync family. To ensure that our candidates have all the characteristics to join our elite team we use a very rigorous elimination process. The Teknolync vetting process is not only designed to identify a candidate’s technical ability but we also ensure that the candidate shares our mission and values. Learn More

We share our knowledge

Teknolync is associated with a huge network of IT professionals and IT executives to provide mentorship and advice to candidates seeking career advice. Teknolync family of subject matter experts provide best practice knowledge that they have acquired from implementing IT technology solutions for small, medium and large organizations. Learn More

We vouch for the quality of our work

The Teknolync recruiting process is not like other recruiting processes. We spend a significant amount of time ensuring that our candidates are the best the industry has to offer, so we provide our customers with a guarantee that they don’t have to pay us until the expiry and satisfaction after the three months’ probation period. Learn More