Teknolync’s scenario based career development solution provides an active experience to Candidates that’s proven to be effective. With Scenario based career development the participant plays an active role in developing their own career plans with we at the helm to guide them.

Scenario based career development helps individuals to focus on their specific objectives.

Career development with scenarios creates an atmosphere for direct and precise goals.

Through Teknolync, career development caters to mentoring, training, and practical solutions that engages the participants in an enjoyable and fruitful experience where they develop the skills required to overcome obstacles in their career.

Teknolync leveraged relationship with IT professionals and IT executives to provide mentorship and advice to individuals seeking career advice. Teknolync subject matter experts provide state of the art knowledge that they have acquired from implementing IT technology solutions for organizations of all scales. The expert knowledge helped Teknolync develop an application that takes the input from individuals to develop solutions customized to their needs.

Once an individual gets associated with our scenario based career development system, the candidate’s career plan is developed. The developed career plan will provide the individual with specific instructions on how they can develop their career or implement a technology in their organization. The plan follows a standard industry framework and combines industry best practices to create solutions that can be applied in the real world.

Scenario based career development takes a phased approach towards developing an individual’s career plan. The first phase is to gather information about the individual to determine which plan best fits their needs. The information gathering phase will capture information about the individual’s current role, what are they seeking to do and how long they have to devote to that goal. If the requirement is project or daily maintenance related then the system will collect information about the individual’s organization, the technology they are trying to implement and how they plan to implement that technology. Once the information is entered, the system will use its intelligent scenario management framework to create the best plan that matches with the individual’s input.

After completing the plan the individual will have the required skills needed to perform effectively in our customer’s organization.

Teknolync’s career development solution helps candidates achieve their career objectives from graduation to retirement. Our solutions help our candidates develop the skills they need to get employed, stay employed, perform to the best of their abilities, advance their career and perform effectively towards the growth of their organization. Teknolync are designed to be a daily resource to help candidates successfully complete their daily duties but it also helps them take control of their careers.