HR gaps hinders organizational growth

Teknolync’s recruiting process is very different from other IT recruiting companies so when Teknolync reaches out to a customer with one of our candidate the customer can select that candidate with confidence knowing that the candidate has gone through Teknolync’s rigorous selection process and has all the abilities needed for the candidate to perform well in their organization. Teknolync’s family of candidates are very extensive consisting of elite talent from various industries and technology background. Our candidate status is constantly updated because they utilize our career lifecycle management tools. If we reach out to you to fill a position that is vacant we will be able to provide you with a qualified candidate immediately after the contract is finalized.

Because Teknolync is founded by IT professional with experiences ranging across industry interviewing IT talent we are able to quickly identify a skilled IT talent. Our process for identifying talent quickly and eliminating out unskilled or unqualified people is second to none. Our customized recruiting application allows us to quickly review resumes for the best candidates. The management of all candidates is handled by a single system so the process is streamed lined to ensure quick results.

Career’s lifecycle management of any candidate

Teknolync provides IT career life cycle development solutions for IT college graduates, IT professionals, organizations, federal, state and local government. Our goal is to advance the career of our candidates and to add business value to the organizations that employs our candidates. Teknolync’s unique solutions are customizable for candidates based on real world scenarios.

IT professionals are looking for answers to questions through their career lifecycle; for instance, what happens when they are not recruited from college and they have to compete with experienced professionals for the same position? What happens when their career plateaus or technology changes and their skills are no longer relevant? Sometimes a candidate worked all their life in a specific role but he/she would like to transition to another role? IT professionals are seeking career guidance specific to their individual career development needs. Teknolync provides the tools IT professionals need to be successful in their career through to retirement.