Teknolync is associated with a huge network of IT professionals and IT executives to provide mentorship and advice to candidates seeking career advice. Teknolync family of subject matter experts provide best practice knowledge that they have acquired from implementing IT technology solutions for small, medium and large organizations. The expert knowledge helps Teknolync’s candidates determine the path for their careers and the process for achieving their career objectives. Teknolync provides candidates with an instant messenger client with pre created expert groups that they can use to reach experts for answers to their specific technology questions. Candidates can submit a question using our instant messaging tool, email or forum but if they want to speak to a mentor or counselor in person then they can submit a request using the mentor request form or calling the office to schedule an appointment. Candidates can speak to a mentor over the phone or can schedule a meeting to speak to someone at the office in person. Our professionals will be always there to solve any of professional queries.

The Teknolync recruiting process is not like other recruiting processes. We spend a significant amount of time ensuring that our candidates are the best the industry has to offer, so we provide our customers with a guarantee that they don’t have to pay us until the expiry and satisfaction after the three months’ probation period. During that time the only cost to the customer will be the price for the candidate’s hourly wages. If the candidate does not perform as expected during the three months’ probation period and the candidate is terminated Teknolync’s only payment will be for the hours the candidate worked at a rate Teknolync negotiated with the candidate. If the customer is satisfied with the candidate after the three months’ probation period then the customer will make payment to Teknolync based on the rate originally negotiated between Teknolync and the customer.